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I have been diagnosed with sight impairment. Can you help me?

We cannot give you medical advice however you may benefit from talking with us where we could give you suggestions of how to maintain your independence  and if need be, we will put you in touch with other agencies for their practical help and support for day-to-day life skills, orientation and mobility instruction.

I love to read but with my sight loss I am having difficulties

You will need to adjust to having less sight but with the correct text format of a large print, good lighting and good contrast between the colour of the text and the background is essential. If you still have usable sight the use of magnifiers may make the print large enough to read.
Talking books are other ways to listening to your favourite book.

Should I join a Support Group?

By joining a Support Group you meet other people who may have been through the same diagnosis, share experiences, find solutions to your vision problem, explore a new hobby or just have a friendly person to talk to.  Contact us and we will put you in touch with a Support Group in your area.

How do I donate or Leave a Bequest in my Will?

Your donation big or small is very welcomed. A bequest is a special gift and is a wonderful gesture that will live beyond your lifetime and all Legacies will be honoured.

Why can’t I use Articles for the Blind Free Post to post my letters?

Australia Post has very specific guidelines on free postage on eligible items. Mail for the Blind. They include correspondence, documents or literature written completely in embossed characters as used by the blind, such as Braille or Moon.  Aids for the teaching of braille, plates for embossing literature for the blind and special paper intended solely for the blind, on the condition that any communication on the paper is wholly in Braille or Moon. Any form of speech recording for use by the blind.

Where can I source Independent living resources?

Did you know you can browse our extensive Talking and Low Vision Resource shop over the internet CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR SHOP or visit our office where we can demonstrate the use of these products? We have over 700 products to assist you with everyday life living with vision loss.
Your independent living and confidence can still be achieved just by using adaptive resource items to manage everyday activities.

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