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Opti Large Index Poker Cards – Single Deck


Approved Consumable

Product Code C0550 Category

Single deck large index 1.5cm and 6.2cm in width playing cards with standard English pattern. Poker cards have 52 cards in 4 suits plus 2 jokers.

Product Information

The Opti Large Index Poker Cards are a traditional design playing card with large index perfect for those with low vision. Classic patterned back design in either blue or red.

The PIATNIK Standard Playing Cards Program is known and loved all over the world. Countless card players play exclusively with ‘their’ cards. The unchangingly good quality, the familiar card pictures and the exquisite ornamental reverse sides of these cards have been indispensable at card tables for decades.

The Opti Large Index Poker Cards Product specifications:

  • Crafted from FSC certified wood based products.

  • High quality card stock.

  • Inks and the varnishes are scrub resistant, high quality and biodegradable.

  • Easy to read design.

  • Dimensions 6.3cm (l) x 8.8cm (w).

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