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Cricket Ball With Rattle


Approved Consumable

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Sturdy hard white plastic cricket ball with a diameter of 7 cm. Contains loud ball-bearing rattles for audible tracking. Great also for Baseball, playing catch and other ball games.

The ball is highly visible as well as audible and is small enough that junior players can use it without difficulty.


Product Information

This audible cricket ball is fantastic fun for all ages. As well as being highly visible, it has loud, ball-bearing rattles enclosed for audible tracking. This makes it great for those with low vision or for those who are blind. When the ball is in motion, the metal balls inside will rattle and create a loud noise. This can assist those with low vision or those who are blind track the ball when throwing, batting, catching or chasing. This ball allows vision impaired and blind people to participate in sports and never miss out on a game.

Although it is specifically designed for Cricket, it can also be used for playing Baseball, Softball, Catch and for various other games. Due to its size it is suitable for children and young adults. It is therefore a great way for young people to develop their motor skills and be included.

This audible cricket ball is made of a sturdy hard white plastic and has a diameter of 7 cm. Although it contains rattles, it is not dissimilar to the weight and feel of a typical Cricket ball. It does not require any batteries or charging.

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