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10x Compact Mirror


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A 10x magnification compact featuring stylish crystals. Great for your purse or for travel.

Product Information

Utility meets style with this fantastic 10x Compact Mirror. Take a strong, reliable, and durable mirror with you wherever you go. Great for your purse.

Perfect for those with low vision, this mirror features a strong 10 x magnification – greater than the average pocket mirror. It features a large dual face mirror that makes personal grooming easier than ever. Keep it with you on the go or conveniently store at home for everyday use.

Benefits of 10x Magnification

10 x magnification can enable you to see even the finest details without the aid of glasses or assist you in seeing details that may otherwise be difficult to see. This makes it a versatile and extremely useful magnifying 10x compact mirror.

Lightweight Design

The lightweight yet durable design makes it great for travelling and storage. Ideal for travel and taking with you on the go. In addition, touch up your appearance with ease or view your surroundings in finer detail.

Enjoy the benefits of a high strength mirror without the typically large design. This 10x compact mirror opens slightly beyond a 90 degree angle, making it even more accessible and useful.

The front latch will keep the 10x compact mirror closed in your bag all day. This protects the mirror from scratches and damage. Opening and closing the mirror has been designed with ease and accessibility – making it usable for those with limited hand strength or arthritis.


The case is a striking midnight blue colour. It features a small circle of white crystals on the front making it a unique and beautiful 10x compact mirror.

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