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S292 Queeda Ivory Tusk Frame Amber Lens Fitover Medium


Approved Consumable

Product Code S292 Category

These sunglasses are designed to be worn over medium-large prescription Eyewear frame shapes. Splotch Guard – Provides multiple impact and scratch resistant treatments protecting your lenses for years to come. Duo Hard Coat – An oleophoibic treatment that prevents fingerprints and smudges from adhering to the surface of the lens. Flash-Reflect – A subtle flash mirror treatment that reflects bright light away when in intense light conditions. Flash-Reflect gives the lenses a glass-like appearance and hides your prescription eyewear. PDX Polarised Amber – Increases contrast, providing greater depth perception in situations where visual acuity over long distances is required, like tennis, golf, shooting, or any other outdoor sports activities that are subject to varying light conditions. PDX Amber polarised lenses are ideal for lower light situations, like fishing in the late afternoon or early morning. Includes: Velcro carrying case with sport clip, Detachable neck cord and Micro-fibre cleaning cloth.

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