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Tactile Timer With Black Numbers


Approved Consumable


High contrast tactile markings, 20cm diameter, built in stand, long 15 second ringer, no batteries required.

Product Information

This Tactile Timer with striking black numbers features high contrast tactile markings and numbers. Perfect for those with low vision or blindness, this device allows you to set and forget with ease and precision. A great addition to any kitchen, bathroom, or office. Featuring a lightweight and sleek design, this timer features large and easy to read numbers and a large central dial that is easy to turn. No longer do you need to fiddle and struggle with tiny timers and risk accidentally setting the wrong time.

These highly visible and raised makings make it easier to set and read for those with low vision. You can use sight and/or touch to set the time and continue on with your tasks knowing you have accurately set the time.

Features of the Tactile Timer:

  • Large high contrast black numbers on a clean white background.
  • 2.5 cm high numbers.
  • 20 cm x 22 cm with a 7 cm built-in stand.
  • 60 minute countdown timer.
  • Long 15 second ringer.
  • No batteries are required  – simply turn the dial to the desired time up to 60 minutes.

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