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Ladies Two Tone Talking Watch 1 Button Stretch Band


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This easy set one button talking watch with quartz accuracy, automatically sets the analogue time to the talking time. The time is announced in a choice of male or female voice. This watch also announces the Day, Month, Date and Year and including an alarm feature.

Product Information

This Ladies Two Tone Talking Watch in an elegant silver / gold tone has one button and an expanding stretch band. Its intuitive and classic design makes it simple to use and easy to wear. In addition to its helpful talking feature, the watch’s classic design makes it a timeless piece of jewellery. You can wear this watch on both formal and casual occasions as a result of its classic style.

Most importantly, this talking watch is perfect for blind and low vision users.

This two tone talking watch speaks in a clear female voice and announces the time with 1 push of the button, and the time and date with 2 pushes of the button. As well as announcing the time and date, this watch also offers an alarm setting.

Features of the Ladies Two Tone Talking Watch: 

  • silver and gold tone body and band;
  • slip-on stretch band;
  • high contrast black numbers and watch hands on a plain white background; and
  • intuitive design with one button that can speak the Time, Month, Day, Date and Year.

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Battery included. This tow tone talking watch has three buttons, one at the 2 o’clock (top right position), one at the 4 o’clock (bottom right position) and one at the 8 o’clock (bottom left position).  You will need to use an object, for example a pen or paperclip, to depress the bottom right and left buttons. The Crown is between these buttons at the 3 o’clock position.

Download Instruction for use: (Word Doc)

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