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Memorial Donation

Memorial donations in lieu of florall tribute a gift to Queensland Blind Association Inc.

When someone close to you passes away it a time of mourning. A  Memorial donation to the Queensland  Blind Association Inc (QBA) in lieu of flowers can be a meaningful tribute and a wonderful way to remember your loved one.

By completing our Memorial Donation Form we will write a letter expressing our Condolences and Appreciation to the Next of Kin or to a nominated family member and will add the names of your guests whom have kindly made Memorial Donations. We will not disclose the amount mentioned.

We will send a letter and receipt to everyone who makes a Memorial Donation. Remember donations over $2.00 are tax-deductible.

Alternatively we will make available to Funeral Directors envelopes for your guests to donate. The Funeral Directors can contact us on 07 3848 8888. Or you may like to use our Memorial Donation Form.

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