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Concessions and Discounts

Information on this page is an alpha listing of both Government and Private Agencies, which provide services and benefits for blind and vision impaired people in Queensland.Against each Agency is a basic and brief description of the services they provide. This page has been compiled by the Queensland Blind Association Inc. to assist blind and vision impaired people either in a professional or personal capacity.Click here for printable version of this directory (PDF).Please click on the information boxes below to display the content..

Australia Post will deliver some items that aid the vision impaired free of charge or at concessional rates.

Eligible articles:

  • Correspondence, documents or literature wholly written in Braille or Moon.
  • An aid for teaching Braille
  • A plate for embossing literature for the blind
  • Special paper intended solely for the use of the blind
  • Any form of speech recording for the use of the blind
  • Articles up to 7kg

No other matter may be enclosed in the post.

Eligible participants:

To attract the concessional rates, either the sender or the recipient of an article for the blind must be a blind person, or an institution or organisation recognised by Australia Post as one that serves the needs of blind people.

When sending items they must have the name and address of the sender on the outside of the envelope as well as the “Articles for the Blind” label (available from the Post Office) or the words “Materials for the Use of the Blind” or similar.

MyPost Concession Account

If you hold a Federal Government concession card you may be eligible for a reduced rate on domestic stamps and other services. Benefits include:

  • Free booklet of 5 concession stamps
  • Ability to purchase up to 50 concession stamps per year
  • Discount on Mail Hold and Mail Redirection
  • A free MyPost Concession Card and digital mailbox.

To apply, download and complete an application form and take to your nearest post office with your Federal Government concession card.


Telephone: 13 76 78

The Disability Support Pension Blind is Non Taxable; an Aged Blind Pension is Taxable. Contact the ATO for more information.

Telephone: 13 28 61


Lodge Your Tax Return Online

MyTax is the quick, easy, safe and secure way to lodge your tax return. It is compatible with screen-reader software and can be used on any device, such as a tablet, smartphone or computer.

Available to Queenslanders who receive the Centrelink Carer Payment or the Carer Allowance (see Centrelink entry below), the card provides carers with discounts and offers on a wide range of goods and services.

Telephone: 13 74 68

A Commonwealth Seniors Health Card helps with the cost of prescription medicines and other services if you are of Age Pension age, but do not qualify for the Age Pension/Vet Affairs, meet an income test and Australian resident currently living in Australia.

Telephone:  13 2300.

People who need lifelong attendant care support can use their Companion Card to access affiliated community venues, activities and public transport for the price of a single ticket.

For a list of affiliates go to the website.

Telephone:  13 74 68 (Mon to Fri, 8am – 6pm)


Free Screen Reader Program

There is a free screen reader program available called non Visual Desktop Access for Windows (NVDA).

For portability, the NVDA screen reader can be run from a USB stick, without requiring installation on the destination computer.

The program can be downloaded from are 2 copies available. One you can download and install onto your computer, and the other to store onto a USB stick.

Work Ventures

WorkVentures is Australia’s oldest not-for-profit IT Social Enterprise.  They sell refurbished computers as near new condition for a fraction of original cost.

For more information, visit or

call 1800 112 205

Pensions: to be eligible for either the Disability Support Pension (Blind) or Aged Blind Pension you must be an Australian Citizen, or have permanent resident status and been residing in Australia continuously for ten years. If your permanent blindness occurred in Australia, there is no period of required residency.

DSP Blind Pensions were not affected by the government’s welfare to work changes. You are also exempt from the income and assets test, however, your partner must meet the income and assets test to qualify for a partnered-rate pension. Telephone:  13 27 17

Age Pension to qualifiy a person must be aged over 65 for males or over 63 for females and meet the Centrelink income and assets criteria.  Telephone 13 23 00

Carer Allowance is available to carers providing constant care or supervision to a person (aged 16 plus) whose disability causes substantial functional impairment. Telephone 13 27 17

Child Disability Assistance Payment is an automatic annual payment if you get Carer Allowance to assist parents with the costs of caring for a child with a disability. Telephone 13 27 17

Mobility Allowance is available for people working, training, looking for work or involved in voluntary work for 8 hours or more per week and who are unable to use public transport. Telephone 13 27 17

Jobseeker Allowance is financial help if you are looking for work or participating in approved activities that may increase your chances of finding a job. Telephone 13 28 50

Rent Assistance: Financial help to people who pay rent and receive a Centrelink payment.

Telephone Allowance: To qualify a person must receive a Disability Support Pension, be under 21, with no dependent children and internet and/or telephone connected in their own name or their partner’s name.

Utilities Allowance is a quarterly payment to help with household bills if you are on a Disability Support Pension. Singles may be paid $164.50 per quarter and Couples $82.25 for each eligible member of a couple.

Working Credit is to help working-age people keep more of their support payments when they start full-time, part-time or casual work. Telephone 13 27 17

For rates and allowances visit:

Audible/Tactile Traffic Lights

If Audible-Tactile Traffic lights are not working, please contact Brisbane City Council on (07) 3403 8888.

If not in the BCC area please contact Department of Transport and Main Roads on 13 19 40.

Vehicle Registration

•  If your Pensioner Concession Card was issued on or after 1 July 1994, you are entitled to a 50% reduction of the registration fee component of the total registration amount payable.

•   If your Pensioner Concession Card was issued before 1 July 1994 you will continue to receive the flat rate concession on the registration fee component of the total registration amount.

•   If you are a Qld Seniors Card holder (not Seniors Business Discount Card), you are entitled to a 50% reduction on the registration fee component of the total registration amount payable.

The following conditions apply for this concession:

•   All other charges included with your registration (such as compulsory third party insurance) are payable in full.

This concession is available for:

•   Motorbikes (the flat rate applies whether or not the card was issued before or after 1994)

•   Motor vehicles up to and including 4.5 tonnes (passenger and light commercial type vehicles excluding tractors and machinery etc)

•   Motorised caravans (regardless of Gross Vehicle Mass)

•   You must be the registered operator of the vehicle and the vehicle must be used mainly for your private use.

•   This concession is available on only one vehicle recorded in the registered operator’s name.

•   You and your spouse can receive only one concession between you.

•   On new vehicles, you will receive your concession at the time the dealer registers the vehicle as new.

•   If you acquire a vehicle that is already registered (such as a second hand car) the concession will be available from the date you next renew your registration.

Application forms are available from Queensland Department of Transport & Main Roads Customer Service Centre or by phoning 13 23 80


Telephone: 1800 555 254 

Queensland Transport administers the Disability Parking Permit Scheme and a medical practitioner makes eligibility assessments. A non-refundable service fee of $18.35 must accompany applications. Permits are usually valid for 5 years. You DO need to have another disability other than blindness to access this permit.


Government Funded Subjects

A tuition fee concession or exemption may be available to a holder of a current Pensioner Concession Card or current Health Care card or a partner or dependant of a person who holds either one of these cards provided they are named on the card.

TAFE Queensland

Some TAFE courses have fee concessions if they are government subsidised. Financial Assistance may also be available.

For more information contact your local TAFE Qld Institute or visit the website at


Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme (SIPS) offers discounts for concession card holders.

Telephone: 1300 575 359


The Department of Environment and Resource Management offers the following concessions to eligible card holders:

Concession entry* to:

• South East Queensland Wildlife Centre in D’Aguilar National Park

• David Fleays Wildlife Park

Concessions to Services provided on entry* eg. Guided tours to:

• Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park

• Mon Repos Conservation Park

• St Helena Island National Park

• Fort Lytton National Park

• Mount Etna Caves National Park

*Note: concessions for above mentioned locations are for

Department of Environment and Science charges only, other charges may apply.

Telephone: 1300 130 372


Queensland Art Gallery (QAG) and Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)

Concessions may be available on the admission price for some major exhibitions at the Queensland Art Gallery and GOMA. General gallery entry is free.

Weekdays from February to November on request (15 days notice required), GOMA offer narrated descriptions of the visual elements of artworks.

Telephone: (07) 3840 7303


Queensland Museum

Concessions may be available on the admission price for some major exhibitions at Qld Museum and Sciencentre Southbank, The Workshops Rail Museum Ipswich, Cobb & Co Museum Toowoomba, Museum of Tropical Queensland Townsville. General museum entry is free at Southbank.

Telephone: (07) 3840 7555

Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC)

Concessions are available on ticket prices for most events. Cards accepted depend on the event. Companion Card bookings are accepted. A number of audio described performances are available throughout the year.

Telephone: (07) 3840 7444


State Library of Queensland

Concessions to some programs and events may be available to concession card holders. General entry to the State Library is free.

Telephone:(07) 3840 7666


Home Assist Secure gives information, advice and assessment of home security, related home maintenance, repairs and minor modifications which relate to a person’s health, safety and security. To be eligible, you must be a home owner or live in private rental housing and be over 60 years or of any age with a disability. In addition, to receive subsidised assistance for work in your home you need to be receiving a Commonwealth Government pension or benefit and unable to undertake or pay for critical maintenance services through Home and Community Care, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, family or friends. For further information see website for offices in your area.


Is a DVA program designed to assist entitled persons who need a small amount of practical help to continue living independently in their own home. To discuss your eligibility and services:

Telephone:   1800 838 372


Legal Aid Queensland (LAQ)

Legal Aid Queensland provides legal assistance to financially and socially disadvantaged Queenslanders.  It provides information, advice and representation in family, civil, and criminal law matters.

Telephone: 1300 651 188


Office of Public Guardian (OPG)

The role of OPG is to protect the rights and interests of adults who are unable to make decisions for themselves.

Telephone: 1300 653 187


Dental Care

Free dental treatment, including the provision of dentures at public dental hospitals and clinics is available to Pensioner Concession cardholders and their dependents.


Essential Medical Equipment Payment

The Essential Medical Equipment Payment is an annual $163 payment to people who experience additional increases in home energy costs from the use of essential medical equipment to manage their disability or medical condition. This payment must be claimed. For eligibility details go to:


First Aid

Queensland Ambulance provides a 5% discount on the non-GST component of the Senior First Aid and CPR course. You must be a holder of a current concession card.

Telephone: 13 74 68

Hearing Services

Pensioner Concession Cardholders can apply to the Office of Hearing Services for a Hearing Service Voucher. This entitles cardholders to hearing assessment and rehabilitation including supply and fitting of hearing aids, free of charge by hearing service providers. An annual fee needs to be paid, which provides cardholders with hearing aid maintenance and battery supplies.

Telephone: 1800 500 726


Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession Scheme

The Queensland Government provides financial assistance to low-income Queenslanders with a medical condition that requires the use of  electricity for cooling or heating. Currently $340.85 per year paid quarterly.

Telephone:  13 74 68


The Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN)

Concession card holders can receive a reduction in the cost of out-of-hospital medical expenses through the lower concessional threshold for the Medicare Safety Net.


Most optometrists in Queensland “bulk-bill” their patients – this means Medicare will cover the cost of an eye examination. However, Medicare does not cover the cost of any spectacles or contact lenses. If you have private health insurance, these costs may be covered by your insurer.

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme provides timely, reliable and affordable access to necessary medicines for Australians.

Contact your Pharmacist..

Spectacles Supply Scheme

Under the Spectacle Supply Scheme concession card holders, health care card and Qld Government Senior Card holders may be eligible to receive a pair of basic prescription spectacles once every 2 years.  Clients must have a clinical need for spectacles as determined by an optometrist/ophthalmologist from a list of registered providers.  For further information contact Qld Health.

Telephone: 1300 443 570


Talking Medical Aids

Talking Blood Pressure Monitor

Available from: Pharmacies

Talking Blood Glucose Monitor

Available from: Diabetes Qld                            Telephone: 1300 136 588

Senior Card

All Queensland residents aged 60 and over are eligible for either a Seniors Card, Seniors Card +go or a Seniors Business Discount Card.

Telephone: 13 74 68


Discount Directory for Seniors Card

Locating businesses that offer Seniors Card discounts in Brisbane will now be easier than ever with the Brisbane Seniors discount directory.

The directory will provide listings of metropolitan business offering Senior Care discounts.  All card holders have access to a range of free shopping services, including Senior Shopper, a free price comparison service for large items such as white goods, furniture and cars.

Telephone: 1300 366 265

Seniors Enquiry Line

Senior Enquiry Line is state wide personalised information on concessions, social activities, household assistance, retirement accommodation, financial and legal matters, health, education and transport and referral service.

Telephone: 1300 135 500          9am to 5pm weekdays


Senior Shopper

Senior Shopper is a no-obligation, hassle-free shopping service that aims to get Seniors Card holders the best price on a wide range of goods and services.  Using Senior Shopper is very easy.

1. Decide on what you want and note the make, model number and the best price you have seen advertised or have been quoted.

2. Have your Seniors Card ready and contact Senior Shopper with the details you have collected.  They will call you back with the best price they have obtained.  You are under no obligation to buy.

3. If you want to make the purchase, simply place your order. The supplier will contact you to organise payment and delivery.

Senior Shopper is only available to Seniors Card and Senior Business Discount Card holders.

Telephone: 1300 366 265

Airline Fare Concessions

Concession fares available from some airlines.

Guide Dogs always travel free of charge.


Faresaver specialises in offering discounted international airfares originating from Australia. Their flight booking engine also provides several discount airfares including senior airfare, youth airfare, companion airfare, mixed class airfare and consolidated airfare.

Telephone: 1300 761 668


Qantas Airlines

Telephone: 13 13 13.

The Qantas Carer Concession Card is issued by People With Disability Australia (PWDA) to people with a disability and high-level support needs who require the full-time assistance of a carer whilst they are on the plane. A person is eligible if they need to have one-on-one support when seated on the plane for assistance with meals/drinks, transferring to the bathroom, orientation, communicating with the flight staff etc. A person would not be eligible if they only need assistance boarding the plane, or when they arrive at their destination.

The Qantas Booking Fee is not payable on bookings made using Qantas Carer Concession Card

Discounts are not available on international travel, on flights operated by any of Qantas’ alliance partners, or in conjunction with any other concessional airfare eg airfares for children and seniors

Telephone:  1800 806 769


Virgin Australia Airlines

Telephone:  13 67 89

Bookings for vision impaired guests travelling with a Guide/Guide Dog must book through the Guest Contact Centre.  You can make a booking up to 331 days in advance without the requirement to enter the carers name at the time of  booking.

Bus Travel

Brisbane City Council allows free travel for blind passengers and accompanying guide/instructor who have a National Vision Impairment Travel Pass. Holders of pension concession cards receive 50% discount.

CityGlider Bus Service

The CityGlider buses provide high-frequency transport from West End to Teneriffe (Blue CityGlider) and Ashgrove to Stones Corner (Maroon CityGlider). For more details visit the website.


Free Downtown Loop Bus Service

The free loop bus circles Brisbane’s CBD, stopping at Central Station, Queen Street Mall, City Botanic Gardens, Riverside Centre, QUT and King George Square.

Visit the website  for the free Loop service timetable information.

Community Transport H.A.C.C

Community Transport is available to help people with disability to travel for shopping, social events and medical appointments.

•       Shopping and Social Activities

Free or low-cost transport is available in some locations through The Community Care Program for access to shops, day centres or appointments. They do not provide patient transport.

For further information contact Community Access Point on

1800 600 300.

•       Medical Appointments

Queensland Ambulance Service provides non-emergency patient transport for pre-arranged visits to a medical facility for ongoing treatment. QAS must have at least 24 hours notice for bookings. An authorised certificate from a doctor is required for non-emergency patient transport. Contact QAS on 13 12 33 for details or bookings.

Ferry Travel

Citycat and Ferry Services

Free travel for holders of Vision Impairment Travel Pass. A 50% concession is available to holders of a pension concession card.

Bay Island Transit System (Passengers only)

Services operate Redland Bay to Russell Island, Lamb Island, Macleay Island and Karragarra Islands.

Stradbroke Island Vehicle Ferry & Water Taxi (Vehicles accepted)

Services between Toondah Harbour, Cleveland and North Stradbroke Island. Telephone:  (07) 3488 5300

Stradbroke Flyer Water Taxi

Services operate between Toondah Harbour and North Stradbroke Island. Telephone:  (07)  3821 3821

For more information in south east Queensland phone TransInfo on 13 12 30.


Services operate between Townsville – Magnetic Island and Townsville – Palm Island. Telephone (07) 4726 0800.

Peddell’s Ferry & Tour Bus Services

Services operate between Thursday Island and Seisia. Telephone (07) 4069 1551.

My TransLink App

My TransLink App is available free from the App Store and Google Play.  Features include:  Trip Announcer, Stop Timetable, Journey Planner, Find Stops and My Services.

Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (PTSS)

If you live in rural or remote areas, and have to travel more than 50km for specialist medical services that are not available locally, you may be eligible for the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme to help with your travel costs.

Contact the PTSS office at your hospital for more informationor by calling 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84)


Personalised Public Transport

Personalised Public Transport (PPT) is a low-cost hail and ride service that helps connect residents to their local transport hubs.

The service operates in areas where Translink service are limited with specially marked wheelchair-accessible and air-conditioned maxi-cabs provided by Yellow Cabs.  All PPT fares are $1 each way and legally blind people travel free.

Areas serviced are Aspley, Bald Hills, Calamvale, Carindale Hills, Hemmant Hills, Karana Downs, Upper Brookfield and Wynnum Manly.


Seniors Card Holders

Seniors Card holders can now access public transport concessions when they are interstate.

Telephone: 13 13 04


Brisbane City Council Cabs

The Brisbane City Council provides Cabs for the following citizens:

  • Over  60, or
  • Mobility Impaired, or
  • A Pension Concession card holder, or
  • A Centrelink card holder

All Council Cabs will now honour the Qld Government Companion Card, allowing free travel for anyone accompanying a person with disability who requires attendant care support.

A Council Cab will take you to your local shopping centre from between $1 and $2.50, depending on the Service.  Payment is made to the cab driver at the start of your trip.

The Council Cabs operate on a weekly basis and service some areas twice weekly. To book the Council cab service, phone 3403 2227. The ACE TTY service is available to the hearing impaired on 13 36 77.

Reserve your seat on a Council Cab up to 12 noon the day prior to using the service. Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available on request.

The Council Cab will pick you up from your house in the morning (the operator will give you an approximate time when you book) and take you to the shopping precinct. If you book a return service, the Council Cab will take you back home at around lunch time.

Taxi Subsidy Queensland

The taxi subsidy scheme aims to improve the mobility of persons with severe disabilities. The scheme is funded and administered by Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The scheme provides a subsidy for local taxi travel at a half rate concession with the maximum subsidy being $25. The scheme operates state-wide and generally, participants may use any taxi operator.

An application form must be completed.

Telephone:  1300 134 755

Taxi Subsidy Interstate

If travelling interstate contact Department of Transport and Main Roads and request an Interstate Travel Voucher book. Allow plenty of time for orders.

Telephone:   1300 134 755


Train Travel

Great Southern Railway

Great Southern Railway operates The Indian Pacific, the Ghan and the Overland and the Southern Spirit services. There are generous concession fares for Legally Blind people on all services operating between Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney. For detailed fares and bookings contact The Great Southern Railway Call Centre on 13 21 47.

Queensland Rail – City Train Fares

Residents in Queensland with a current Pensioner Concession Card are able to travel for a concession fare on all Citytrain services.

If unable to use a ticket vending machine from the departure station, persons may board without a ticket and purchase a ticket from the destination station. If proof of a disability is required by Citytrain staff, a Pensioner Concession Card may be presented.

Telephone: Queensland Rail on 13 12 30.

Traveltrain and Citytrain Services

Pensioners will simply need to present their current Pensioner Concession Card at any booking office to access their free rail entitlement on Traveltrain services.  An administration fee will apply.

A person who needs a full time carer to assist them whilst travelling on traveltrains must obtain a letter from their doctor stating so.  The letter is valid for two years.  Present it to the travel agent when making the booking.  The letter will be attached to your letter for reference during your trip.

The Traveltrain Reservations System will maintain a record of usage of a pensioner’s individual rail entitlement.  Traveltrain information, phone 1800 872 467.

A Legally Blind Person can travel free on trains, ferries and buses with a Travel Pass – Person with Vision Impairment.

Telephone 1300 134 755 to assist with any queries.

Queensland Rail have a customer emergency and accessibility assistance text number 0428 774 636. A Queensland Rail Passenger Service Officer will respond promptly to your detailed request for train and platform assistance, station accessibility or timetable information.

Travel Pass

Assistance Animal Pass

The TransLink Assistance Animal Card allows Guide Dogs and other assistance animals to ride on TransLink services. The card is valid for five years from the date of issue.

The card is only valid on TransLink operated services. For Queensland Rail long distance train service and services operated outside of the TransLink service area, please contact the service operator directly to confirm access arrangements.

Please note: unless specified, this card is not accepted by any organisations for access to venues or vehicles.


Companion Card

The Companion Card is for those with a disability who need lifelong attendant care support to participate in community activities and attend venues.


Vision Impairment Travel Pass / go access VITP

A Vision Impairment Travel Pass / go access VITP entitles the holder to free travel on  all TransLink bus, trail and ferry services and regional qconnect bus services (Except Airtrain services).

To apply for a Vision Impairment Travel Pass / go access VITP

Telephone:  13 12 30


Translink Access Pass

This pass gives unlimited travel on all South East Queensland Translink bus, train, ferry and tram services except Airtrain, until it expires.

You don’t need to touch on and off like a go card. You just always need to carry it with you while travelling in case you’re asked to show it.

If you have a vision impairment, please apply for the Vision Impairment Travel Pass instead.

You can get this pass if all these things apply:

  • you are a permanent Queensland resident
  • you have a significant permanent physical or intellectual disability
  • you can travel independently on TransLink services
  • you’ve been assessed by a qualified health care professional as being unable to touch on or touch off with a “go” card.


Timetables for trains, ferries and buses phone TransLink call centre on 13 12 30 or website:


Loss of Power Supply

13 62 62 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

      • To report electricity interruptions, and for updates on power restoration progress in your area
      • To report electric hot water supply problems

Electricity Emergencies

13 19 62  or 000– 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • To report life-threatening emergencies relating to power lines, such as fallen power lines or electric shock
  • Not for loss of supply

Customer Services

13 12 53 – 7.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday

  • For all general inquiries, including tree-trimming requests and streetlight faults
  • Not to be used for account related inquiries. Please contact your electricity retailer

Electricity Discount

Qld Pensioners and Seniors may be eligible for electricity rebates of $340.85 per year.

Criteria includes that it is their principle place or residence, live alone or share with their spouse, other pensioners, dependents and carers who are not paying rent.  Large print bills are available on request.  For an applications and eligibility details contact your Electricity supplier.

Electricity Life Support

A concession of $694.18 per year (paid quarterly) per machine for eligible users of an oxygen concentrator and $464.88 per year (paid quarterly) for eligible users of a kidney dialysis machine are available to assist with meeting electricity costs.

The scheme provides financial assistance to seriously ill people who use home-based life support systems (oxygen concentrators or kidney dialysis machines) provided they have been medically assessed in accordance with the eligibility criteria determined by Qld Health.

Eligibility to receive the concession is also dependent on the following:

• Oxygen concentrators – must be provided rent-free by Queensland Health to persons who hold an eligible concession card and meet eligibility criteria of the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme.

• Kidney dialysis machines – will be provided rent-free by Queensland Health to persons based on clinical needs and supplied through Queensland Hospitals.

Full details of eligibility for the concessions are listed in the application form.  Applications for this concession are automatically sent to the applicant within 14 days of receiving their machine.

For more information phone Concessions Services on 13 74 68.

Emergency Management, Fire & Rescue Levy

A 20% concession is available for Pension Concession holders on the above levy. For more information contact your local shire or council.

Rates Subsidy

The Queensland Government provides a subsidy equal to 20 per cent of the gross rates and charges levied by a local government to card holders if:

  • they are owners or life tenants of the property
  • the property is their principal place of residence
  • they are legally responsible for the payment of such rates and charges.

Card holders may also be entitled to a subsidy of rates by the local government.

For further information contact the local shire, town or city council.

Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate

Rates may be available of $74.92 for Pensioners and Seniors on the gas accounts. Large print bills are available on request. For information and eligibility information contact your reticulated natural gas retailer.

Smoke Alarm Subsidy Scheme

The Smoke Alarm Scheme is available to those you are have a Concession Card and are deaf or hard of hearing.

Enquiries through Deaf Services Queensland:


Waste Collection

If you live in the Brisbane City Council Region, the Council can arrange for Rubbish Bin Collection from your yard if you are frail, have a physical disability, are vision impaired and have no able-bodied person living at your address.

There is no extra charge for this service.

Telephone: (07) 3403 8888

Water Subsidy

Eigibile pensioners can receive an annual subsidy up to $120 off the cost of water access and usage charges.

Applications for the discount on water rates are made through the local water distribution – retail or local councils.



If you are an Optus customer with a disability who needs assistance accessing Directory Services, you can ask to apply for ‘free operator assisted calls for disability customers. Contact Optus on 13 39 37 to request this service and they will ask questions to confirm that you are eligible.

If you are eligible, they will provide you with 1800 numbers that you use to access the services.  You can obtain a Braille bill by phoning Customer Services on 13 30 66 (Optus cable customers) or 1300 300 469 (for Optus phone service only customers).


Disability Equipment Program

Telstra have a range of products to help customers who have difficulty accessing standard telephone services.

To access the equipment you need to: have a disability or impairment that means you’re unable to use a standard telephone handset and be a Telstra retail customer or an associate of a Telstra retail customer (e.g. a household member or small business employee) that has a basic phone line service and rents a phone from Telstra.

Telephone:   1800 068 424


Disability Help Line (DAH) 12551

Telstra’s Directory Assistance Helpline, is to assist Telstra customers with a disability to access national directory information. Call the Telstra Disability Help Line on 1800 068 424, if you cannot use the printed or electronic version of the White or Yellow Pages directories. The operator will assess if you are eligible for the service and request that you complete an application form.

Once application is assessed and approved you will be identified as a person with special needs. You then call 12551 to receive directory assistance.  They Do Not connect your call directly to the number you have requested.

Telstra Call Connect – 12456

This is a live, operator-assisted, premium service that finds and connects the customer to the number being sought from White and Yellow pages. Telstra customers who can’t dial numbers on a normal phone, or find it difficult to do so, may be eligible for a disability exemption on the Call Connect service fee. Cost is $2.30 plus connection fee of $1.50.

Telstra Directory Assistance on 1223

If you have the name of a person or a business, you are contacting then find the telephone number with Telstra Directory Assistance on 1223.

Your call is answered by an automated speech recognition service. An optional call connection service is available to eligible Telstra fixed-line callers, Telstra post-paid mobile callers and Telstra pre-paid mobile callers.

Calls to Telstra Directory Assistance on 1223 are free from Telstra residential fixed-line phones for those receiving a Telstra Pensioner Discount. The cost to Telstra fixed-line customers is $0.50 and Telstra mobile customers is $0.95. Connection fee is $1.50

Home Messages

A free home message service for Telstra local call customers Australia wide. Dial 101 on your home phone to turn it on, and Telstra Home Messages 101 will answer your calls when you aren’t able to. You will know when you have a message when you hear a special dial tone.

Available from most Telstra home phones.

Do Not Call Register

The Do Not Call Register has been set up by the Australian Government in response to community concern about the growth in unsolicited telemarketing calls.

To register visit:


Telephone: 1300 792 958

Queensland Blind Association Inc. has attempted to ensure the information on this page is accurate. However, we do not warrant that the information is accurate or complete nor will we be liable for any loss suffered by any person because they rely in any way on it. We do not endorse and are not responsible for the views, products or services offered or provided on this page.

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