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Hoyle Jumbo Large Print Cards – Single Deck


Approved Consumable

Product Code C0580 Category

Large Print Playing Cards. Index of 1.5cm with a width of 6.5cm.

Product Information

The Hoyle Jumbo Large Print Cards are easy-to-read for those with low vision.

Since the 1700s, Edmund Hoyle has been the authority in card games. True to his legacy each deck of Hoyle using custom paper and coatings, so that you can bring the authority to your next game. Comes with extra large faces that will give you a clear read of your hand during a competitive game.

Feature of the Hoyle Jumbo Cards is the print and suit indicators.

Standard Deck of 52 playing cards (includes 2 jokers)

Size Playing Cards: 6.5cm × 9cm

Large Index (Character Font Size): 1.5cm

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