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Dominoes Raised Black On White with Carry Case


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A standard 28 piece set, made of heavy-duty white plastic. Tactile black raised dots for easy identification of pieces. Comes in a 12 x 20.5cm plastic carry case.

Product Information

This Dominoes set is a fantastic addition to your games collection. As a result of the tactile design of these dominoes, they are suitable for all players of all ages.

Each tile is divided into halves with a tactile ridge and tactile dots. This set is therefore ideal for those with low vision and blindness.

This is a standard 28-piece Dominoes set. It is made of heavy-duty white plastic. Most importantly, the tiles are comfortable to hold and use in game play.

The set comes in a 12 x 20.5cm plastic carry case. The carry case is durable and sturdy, however, it is also lightweight and sleek. It features a simple black design with white details.

You can therefore take this set with you on the go. This makes it great for family trips, days when you are out and about, and of course game nights! Simply stack your dominoes neatly in the case and use any solid and stable surface to begin gameplay.

The underside of the tiles features a tactile surface in addition to the tactile dots. This makes it easier to hold, easier to identify the top side, and stops the tiles from moving around.

A traditional Sino-European domino set consists of 28 tiles. It has all combinations of spot counts between zero and six.

Features of the Tactile Dominoes Set: 

  • Raised black dots on a clean white background.
  • Tactile markings on each tile.
  • Full 28-piece set.
  • Heavy duty plastic tiles.
  • 12 x 20.5 cm plastic carry case.
  • Tactile underneath each tile.

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