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Extra Handset To Suit T24, T25 And T29


Approved Consumable

Product Code T28 Category

Additional handset and charger for Oricom Pro Series PRO910-1 and PRO610-1.

Product Information

The Extra Handset to Suit T24, T25 and the T29 (Amplified Cordless Phone, Amplified Digital Cordless Phone with Extra Handset, Amplified Cordless and Corded Phone with Answering Machine) is an additional handset for when you need one or more handsets to add to your existing phone system.

There are a number of phone systems in our shop to add the extra handsets too. (Click here  to view telephone systems compatible with the extra handset.)

  • Up to 5 extra handsets can share one base

Depending on your phone system, you can add up to 5 extra handsets.

  • Free intercom calls can be made from one handset to another

    For your convenience make free intercom calls in and around your home and office to family members and colleagues.

  • Setup 3 way conference calls

    With the T28 Extra Handset you can also include a third person in your conversation, ideal for business or discussing family issues.

  • Hold and transfer calls between extra handsets

If the call is for another person, just put on hold and transfer to another handset.

  • Requires only one telephone socket
    You will only need one telephone wall socket for the base phone. All additional handsets require a power outlet.

Comes with a 12 month warranty.

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