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Max Event Glasses


Approved Consumable

Product Code M131 Category

The Eschenbach Max Event Glasses are perfect for watching your favourite indoor and outdoor events.

Product Information

Eschenbach’s Max Event Glasses are specially designed for indoor / outdoor use at public events such as concerts, operas, theatre or sports.

Allowing the user see every detail or moment.

The lens magnifies up to 2.1x and can be independently adjusted for each eye with a focal range of 3 metres and further.

The mirrored lens also helps to eliminate sun glare and ensures that ‘enlarged eyes’ of the wearer are not visible to the external observer.

Max Event Glasses features:

– Large visual field 18°

– Aspheric PXM lightweight lens for a distortion-free image with edge-to-edge sharpness

– Extremely comfortable to wear

– High PD tolerance range of 60-68 mm

– 2.1 X lens

– Easy adjustment of dioptre compensation -2.25 to + 3.75 right/left can be separately adjusted (cylinder correction not possible)

–  Reflective objective lenses

– Supplied in a hard foam case


Recommended use: Distance viewing

Download Instruction for use: (Word Doc)

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