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Triview Folding Loupe 3 Magnifier


Approved Consumable

Product Code M147 Category

Magnifier with three 3cm diameter lenses that can be extended in any combination to create different levels of magnification.

Combine 2 lenses to achieve 5.5x magnification or combine the 3 lenses to achieve an 8.5x magnification.

Great for quickly and unobtrusively magnifying small print.

Product Information

The Triview Folding Loupe 3 Magnifier is a compact, portable folding loupe magnifier.

With power ranging from 3x to 8.5x power magnification. (3x/5.5x/8.5x)

Use each lens individually or combine for more power.

Combine the 3x and 5.5x lenses together to make 8.5x power magnification.

The TriView magnifier is lightweight, portable and comes in it’s own protective case.

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