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Talking Smart Bathroom Scales


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Talking Smart Bathroom scales.

Product Information

Our Talking Smart Bathroom Scales are perfect for those with low vision, blindness, or mobility restrictions that make typical scales inaccessible.

No longer do you need to stress over weighing yourself and not being able to read your weight.

Simply step onto these scales, wait a brief moment, and have your weight accurately read aloud in a clear voice in English. Perfect for any room in the house, these scales make a great replacement for standard, inaccessible scales.

The talking smart bathroom scales are a great addition to your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere. The battery power allows it to be a portable device without sacrificing on durability.

Features of the include:
  • Measures each user’s body fat, body water, body mass index (BMI) + bone mass
  •  6 person user memory stores age, height & gender for 6 people
  •  Optional female voice speaks weight and body analysis measurements
  •  Multiple load cell system uses precision electronic strain gauges for accurate measurements
  •  Weight measurement in kg or lbs
  •  182kg / 400lbs maximum weight
  •  Displays weight in 0.05kg/0.1lb increments
  •  3.2cm digital readout
  •  3x long-life AAA batteries (included)

Download Instruction for use: (Word Doc)

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