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Your Eyes

How we See

How we use our sight in everyday life.

Eye Anatomy

The Eye Anatomy and how it works.

Making the Most of your Sight

Suggestions to make the most of your sight.

Myths about Blindness

There are many misconceptions about blindness. Take a look at these myths about blindness.

Caring for Your Eyes

Information about how to look after your eyes and information on sight.

Saving Your Sight

Things you cn to do look after your sight.

Member Support


Equipment Advice and Referrals


Help Support the Blind by Donating to the Queensland Blind Association

The Queensland Blind Association is a self-funded not for profit organisation. By donating to the Queensland Blind Association you are helping us continue to provide financial assistance to our Members for life’s necessities. 


Assists us to buy Grocery Cards


Supports a members child attending school


Assists our members pay their rent/electricity


Any amount is a great help!

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